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Two dudes with big mouths and little knowledge of history take on pop history and the history of everyday things, places, people, and events. We are not historians, but we are curious. It’s so close to learning, you just might.

History of Video Games 1: Nintendo with Kris from Massive Score & Nerdtastic 4

May 31st, 2017

Welcome to a very special edition of the show. We decided that with all the violence, slavery, buttholes, and scams, that it would be nice to do something a little different and nice, so we present to you...The History of Nintendo and...our own discussion and history with Nintendo, fun for us, fun for you, fun for everyone. Regular show will still hit next week.

You can find Kris on Massive Score on YouTube, on Twitter, and with Desmon on the Nerdtastic 4.